Street Pole Banners

Pole banners are used to promote events, tourist destinations and public awareness in villages, towns and cities throughout the country. They can be vibrant pieces of art decorating the landscape or extremely beneficial advertising media for businesses and organizations.

However, first and foremost in a good banner campaign is great banner hardware. Canamex Promotions prides itself on quality products … always. Our Canadian made Canamex brand adjustable hardware keeps banners tight and easy to change. Taut banners far outlast loose fitting banners.

Canamex Promotions double sided block out mesh vinyl banners are fantastic! Our 24% perforated mesh banners can have a completely separate image printed on each side yet allow the wind to pass through. This greatly reduces stress on the poles, hardware and banners themselves. Mesh banners last longer than traditional banners.

Banners produced on our 20 ounce block out solid vinyl are great for smaller banners as they will provide greater definition for smaller text and images.

Please check out our wall mount systems as well. Same great hardware with wall mount adaptor.