The teardrop series flags are available in 5′, 7′, 9′, 10′ and 15′ models. As a result of the longer bend in the flagpole these flags will stay taught and read very well when produced as double or single sided flags. Due to the opacity of our block out material you can even have two completely different images on the same flag.

The advertising area on a teardrop flag is completely different than that of a feather style flag. In some cases teardrop flags may be more adaptable to logos or images especially those that are nearly as tall as they are wide.

Although the poles are the same as those used in the feather series flags the overall height is somewhat reduced due to the longer arc being created. For example, an 10’ feather series pole is used in the 9′ teardrop flag and the 8′ feather series poles creates an 7’ teardrop style flag.

All teardrop series are compatible with our ground stand or ground sleeve installations.