Magnetic Signs

Cana-Mag Sign System

What is the Cana-Mag Sign System?

Cana-Mag is a magnetic sign system designed for both indoors and outdoors and is comprised of two components.

PART 1. A .75mm thick magnetic sheeting with a very strong peel and stick adhesive backing. It is formulated with a high concentration of UV inhibitor within the magnet. This material may be applied to smooth surfaces such as aluminum composite panel, corrugated panel with aluminum skin and to corrugated plastic, etc. The magnetic sheeting comes in roll form which is 50” x 49.2’ and may be applied in the same manner as adhesive vinyl.

PART 2. The printable media is a film .25 mm in thickness made of PET plastic with ferrous metal dust impregnated throughout. This film is also in roll form which is 50” x 98.4’ and is suitable to print with digital printers using UV, latex, or eco-solvent inks. Being an extremely tough and durable media, PET is not easily subject to creasing and can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures. CanaMag printable film is impervious to moisture will not show signs of rust even when used outdoors.

The Cana-Mag Advantage

A sign no longer needs to be considered as a one time message when using the Cana-Mag Sign System. Once the magnetic sheeting is applied to the sign face, images can be replaced and reused at an affordable cost. Remember, the sign face is now the magnet, the print is the steel.
Simple. Reusable. Affordable.