Canamex Promotions began marketing black roadside portable signs and letters. Operating as a home based business and utilizing a small warehouse space to house inventory. Many entrepreneurs relied on the quality and service provided as the black portable sign tradition began.

As mobile sign rentals were proving to be a very lucrative business, Canamex decided to modestly enter the sign rental market. As the business dictated, a larger 4,200 square foot shop was required. In house screen printing and finishing of the letters and signs was now a daily routine. Within a two year period the rental sign fleet had grown to over 100 signs.

Relocation to a larger facility of 8,700 square feet was required in order to adequately supply our growing customer base.

The first of three large format fabric printers was installed. Recognizing the upcoming possibilities for advertising flags, Canamex decided to again modestly enter the market place with the introduction of a portable roof top flag system. Canamex soon became a trusted supplier to Corporations nation wide assisting in their grand opening marketing efforts.

Many entrepreneurs desired to separate themselves from the black sign that had become a very familiar icon. Canamex introduces the “white background” mobile signs with non-fluorescent lettering in black, red, blue and green. Advertising flags were becoming more popular with the introduction of the feather flag and teardrop style that we so commonly see today.

Here we grow again, relocating from Mississauga to Orangeville Ontario and expanding our footprint to 10,500 square feet. Installation of additional fabric printers as well as a full sewing and finishing department was needed to meet the demand of the rapidly growing advertising flag business.

Street pole banners and custom banners were introduced utilizing our sewing and finishing department. The inception of CanaMesh double sided mesh banners required additional printing equipment to accomplish our goal.

CanaMag Sign Systems is born. A unique concept of creating signs with a magnetic system where by the sign face itself becomes the magnet and the image or changeable letters are produced on a flexible, printable, weather resistant material with steel dust encapsulated within. Destined to be a game changer in the industry, additional printers are installed to accommodate the CanaMag concept.

Due to steady growth and demand for our unique products in the advertising world , Canamex Promotions now occupies 18,000 square feet with six large format digital printers, flat bed cutter, guillotine, multiple sewing machines, in house designers, etc. including a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Mobile signs are available in the traditional changeable letter style, CanaMag changeable full print images and letters, as well a hybrid of both concepts on one sign.

Flag production is in excess of 200,000 square feet of material per year, supplying over 600 sign and print shops nationwide.

Adjustable street pole banner hardware is now produced exclusively for Canamex Promotions as the CanaMesh concept continues to make its mark in the industry. Solid vinyl banners are also available as well as custom size banners for walls, fences, etc.

CanaMag Sign Systems is now utilized in roadside portable signs, wall signs, pylon signs, A-frame signs and even truck mounted signs. Customers range from sign and print shops, car dealers, various retailers and even government organizations.

Please browse through our website and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have as we would be pleased to be your chosen supplier of the future.