The feather series flags are available in 9.5′ or 11′ models. Although both sizes can me made double sided we recommend that only the 9.5′ be made in this manner. The weight is too heavy on the 11′ flagpole with three layers of fabric and the drooping flag is not esthetically pleasing. Using a 24″ pole extension with a 9.5′ feather flag will offer the extra height and maintain the desired appearance.

The three piece stacking flagpoles are made of heavy duty fiberglass. The bottom of the pole is encased in an aluminum jacket providing excellent “split resistance” where you need it most. The top section is very strong but flexible allowing the same poles to be used on our teardrop flags as well. Once you have the poles and hardware you can change the shape of your flags anytime you like!

The ground sleeve system is second to none in the industry. The easy to install sleeve is removable and can be relocated at any time. The flag simply slides over the pole and is connected to the pole adaptor via a small bungee cord. Now simply drop into the ground sleeve and your flag is in action! Please see the instruction sheets for full details of this brilliant yet simple concept.

The above ground stand is ideal for concrete, asphalt or interior situations. Utilizing the same pole adaptor system as the ground sleeve application makes assembly a breeze and interchangeable.