Cut to Shape Graphics for Portable Signs

Cut to shape graphics create emotions through images. Your customers will readily identify with your sign and retain the message longer when identified with an image.

The cut to shape graphics are produced on 4mm corrugated plastic sheeting as are the changeable letters. Simply fasten to the face of your sign with small wood screws or better yet wafer head metal framing screws which leave a smaller blemish on the sign face. Staples may be used but please ensure to a sufficient quantity to resist the wind blowing the graphic away.

Standard Size Approximate 22” x 30”

  • 1–5 pieces ….. $20.00 each
  • Multiples of 6 pieces ….. $16.00 each

Large Size Approximate 30” x 46”

  • 1-2 pieces ….. $36.00 each
  • Multiples of 3 pieces ….. $30.00 each