CanaMag magnetic portable signs are truly the most versatile mobile signs on the market. Whether using full print graphics, cut to shape images, changeable letters or a combination of all, CanaMag signs work well and look great!

As with all roadside signs from Canamex Promotions, CanaMag signs frames are welded, sandblasted and finished with a baked on polyester paint. Signs are modular for easy shipping and can be assembled using nothing more than a ¾” wrench.

The face of the sign is comprised of a 6mm corrugated material with aluminum skin on each side. Our unique magnetic sheeting has an exceptionally strong adhesive on the backside and is mechanically applied to the corrugated material. This makes the sign face as lightweight as possible but extremely durable to all weather conditions.

There are a variety of models to choose from ensuring that your advertising needs will be fulfilled effectively and efficiently. All models are available with adjustable height T-Bar bases, four adjustable legs or base and dolly system.

Full Colour Graphic

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Cana-Mag Changeable Letter Signs

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Cana-Mag Cut Out Graphics

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Cut out graphics are a wonderful addition to changeable copy signs. If truly “a picture says a thousand words” what better way to enhance your message than simple, reusable images. Be it grocers, golf clubs, hair stylists, dentists, etc. We all have a story to tell and CanaMag cut out graphics bring that story to life!

Standard Size Approximate 22” x 30”

  • 1–5 pieces ….. $20.00 each
  • Multiples of 6 pieces ….. $16.00 each

Large Size Approximate 30” x 46”

  • 1-2 pieces ….. $36.00 each
  • Multiples of 3 pieces ….. $30.00 each